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Pumpkin Boyfriend Flannel

Pumpkin Boyfriend Flannel

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This fall colored flannel features a beautiful rust and pumpkin orange and brown colors and is a boyfriend fit.  This type of shirt  is designed with a looser, more relaxed fit, similar to the style of clothing that men often wear. The term "fall colored" typically refers to colors that are associated with the autumn season, such as warm oranges, deep burgundies, and rich browns.

A flannel shirt is typically made from a soft and comfortable cotton or wool material, with a plaid pattern that features stripes of various colors. This type of shirt is often worn as a casual piece of clothing, with jeans or other pants.

The boyfriend fit refers to the style of the shirt, which is designed to be slightly oversized and more relaxed than a traditional, fitted shirt. This style is often associated with a more laid-back, casual look, and can be paired with a variety of different outfits to create a comfortable and stylish look.


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